Heating And Energy Use For A Remodeled Mixed-Use Building

Mixed-use buildings that have commercial establishments on the ground floor and residential above provide needed housing in walkable areas. But older mixed-use buildings that have been remodeled have some particular heating requirements that highlight the drastic difference between older and current energy usage and conservation regulations. If you've begun planning for a remodel of a much older building, you'll have to do more than just gussy up the place cosmetically. Whole-Building with Individual Control [Read More]

Preparing Your Basement For Air Conditioning Installation? Why And How

No, you are not putting air conditioning in your basement. To clarify, if you have a basement, and that is where your furnace is located, then you will be connecting your new air conditioning system through your basement. Typically, that is how most new A/C systems, specifically central air systems, are installed. (It is quite a different process for other types of A/C units and for homes that lack a basement. [Read More]

Does Your Furnace Kick On Randomly And Never Delivers Enough Heat? What To Know

If your furnace seems to long periods of time without kicking on, and you don't feel like it's heating the house affectively, the problem may not even be the furnace itself. The problem could be the thermostat, which many homeowners don't pay any attention to. If you haven't had the unit inspected in a while your entire HVAC system should be examined. Talk with a HVAC contractor about the problems that you are experiencing, and have them come to your home so they can look at the following concerns and potential solutions. [Read More]

Don't Get Left In The Heat: How To Avoid Summer Problems With Your Air Conditioner

Summer's going to be here before you know it. If you're expecting triple digit temperatures, you don't want to be left without your air conditioner. Unfortunately, if you don't take care of it, that's exactly what you might end up with. Here are some methods you can use to avoid problems with your air conditioner once things start to heat up this summer. Don't Skip the Preseason Inspection If you're planning on turning your air conditioner on at the first sign of summer heat, you'll want to make sure it's up and running before the warm weather arrives. [Read More]