5 Reasons To Hire Air Conditioning Company To Replace All Your Old Ac Units

No matter the season, comfortable temperatures are essential to keep your home and family happy. But when old air conditioning units start malfunctioning and become unreliable, you need to decide whether it's time to replace them with a new system. If that is the case, then there are many reasons why hiring an established air conditioning company to replace all your old AC units is beneficial. Here are five of those benefits: [Read More]

Signs You Need To Call An Air Conditioning Repair Service To Fix A Problem With Condensation Drainage

Your air conditioner is supposed to make condensation. Condensation is a natural reaction when warm air meets cold refrigerant coils. However, in normal circumstances, the condensation drains outdoors so you aren't even aware of it. When something goes wrong with the condensation drainage system, water can't drain and you could have a leak on your hands. Here are signs your air handler might be leaking water and the air conditioning repairs that can fix the problem. [Read More]

Great Advice For Those Looking To Work As HVAC Contractors

If you're looking to get involved in an exciting field that's constantly growing, then you might pursue a career as an HVAC contractor. You'll get to work on heating and cooling systems every day. As long as you follow these guidelines, getting started with this career won't be a complicated endeavor.  Decide Between Commercial and Residential Work Before you start receiving training to work as an HVAC contractor, it's a good idea to decide which sector you want to work in for the foreseeable future. [Read More]

Signs You Have An AC Refrigerant Leak

Air Conditioner refrigerant leaks are rare, but that doesn't mean they can't happen. Unfortunately, refrigerant leaks can really affect your air conditioner's performance. As such, you should call an air conditioning repair service to solve the issue immediately after you spot the following signs. Long Cooling Cycles An AC system with a refrigerant leak will take longer to cool your space. The leak might be small, but the reduced refrigerant levels will reduce the efficiency of your AC unit. [Read More]