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Common Signs That Your Washing Machine Is In Need Of Repair

Everyone wants to wear clean clothing, so most households do several loads of laundry, if not more, each week. Thus, when a washing machine is not working properly, it can be quite a hassle. Don't immediately assume that a washing machine that is not operating properly needs to be replaced-- in many cases, issues with a washing machine can be fixed by an appliance repair service. Opting to have your washing machine repaired instead of replacing it can save you several hundred dollars. Some of the top signs that your washing machine may be in need of repair include:

Noisy During Operation

While all washing machines make some noise while operating, you are sure to notice when your washer becomes excessive noisy. In some cases, this can be due to a large load shifting unevenly to one side of the drum — check your load of laundry to see if it is evenly distributed. You may also want to check the washer to make sure that it is sitting evenly on the ground. If doing these things does not help, the excessive noise is likely caused by a loose motor or drum mount. Contact appliance repair services to fix the issue.

Drum Stops Turning

The drum of a washing machine turns to agitate and clean the clothes and then spins at the end of a cycle to remove excess moisture before the clothes are placed in the dryer. If the drum of your washer stops turning properly, you will not be able to do a load of laundry. In most cases, problems with the drum not turning are due to a faulty belt or a problem with the lid switch. Both of these things can be repaired, but since the repairs can be complicated, it is best to leave them to an appliance repair service.

Water Doesn't Drain from Drum

Before the spin cycle starts, a washer in good repair drains out all of the water from the drum. Unfortunately, a couple of different issues can prevent the water from draining properly. The drain hose could be clogged or kinked or the water pump may need to be replaced. A technician from an appliance repair service will be able to inspect your washer and make the needed repairs.

Drum Doesn't Fill with Water

Hot or cold water is essential when doing a load of laundry. If the drum of the washing machine is not filling up with water when the cycle begins, it may be because there is a kink in the hose or the hot or cold water faucets connected to the washer are not turned on. It is also possible that the filter may be clogged or the water intake valve may be faulty-- these issues should be addressed by a technician from an appliance repair service.