Three Reasons You May Need to Repair or Reset Your Furnace

A furnace can become hazardous when it isn't functioning properly. That's why furnaces have safety mechanisms that shut the furnace off when trouble is detected. Sometimes, the problem is minor, and you can get your furnace going again by pressing the reset button. If the furnace keeps shutting off, call a furnace repair technician to find out why and to make repairs. Here are some reasons your furnace reset button keeps triggering and what furnace repairs could be needed. [Read More]

You Want It Cold, But Not That Cold: Why Your AC Keeps Freezing

Your air conditioner should blow cold air into your house, but if you find the system keeps stopping and blowing out warm air, or you see ice around coils and compartment doors, you've got a problem. This icing-up is actually really common in air conditioning systems that have a couple of issues going on, so this is very fixable. But you'll need to call an air conditioning maintenance service to investigate exactly why the system is forming ice. [Read More]

Why Hire A Commercial HVAC Company For Your New Construction

If you are planning to have a new commercial building constructed, you will need to make sure that you are calling in a skilled company to handle the HVAC work. Even if you yourself have some experience running duct work and installing heating and cooling vents, this is a job that is usually best left to the professionals. Here are some of the reasons why it is so important to hire a commercial HVAC company, such as EMCI, for all of your heating and cooling needs: [Read More]

4 Reasons To Schedule Timely AC Repair Services

When the temperatures are high, you certainly need a well-functioning air conditioner to create a cool indoor atmosphere and ensure comfort at home. Unfortunately, you might miss out on a few warning signs that show your AC is faulty and might start causing night sweats and heat rashes. While opening the windows and using a ceiling fan may help ease the hot conditions, you need a long-lasting solution. The following are reasons you should take immediate action and hire experts to repair your air conditioner. [Read More]