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Using An Air-Sourced Heat Pump To Help Your New Baby Sleep

You just brought home a beautiful new baby and are ready to help them grow to be a healthy adult. Unfortunately, they simply can't sleep at night and are experiencing negative side effects. In many instances, your child might be too cold to sleep. Thankfully, air-sourced heat pumps can help in this situation.

Poor Sleep Patterns Hurt Babies

Very young babies typically sleep up to 14 hours every day, sometimes even more. Babies need this extra level of sleep to help their body grow. As they sleep, the nutrients they consume while they are awake are used to stimulate the growing process and to provide energy for their mental growth at the same time.

Unfortunately, a baby who sleeps less than they should may experience negative side effects that could follow them around for years to come. And in many cases, a child cannot sleep because their room is too cold, and they are very uncomfortable in it.

Cold Rooms Upset Many Babies

Young babies need a sleeping temperature of around 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit (or 16-20 degrees Celsius) to be comfortable. Higher temperatures may make them fussy but colder temperatures will make them very upset. A child suffering from a cold room is likely to wake up regularly throughout the night in a very unhappy state of mind.

In many instances, the exact temperature that a baby tolerates will vary depending on their preferences. Even at a young age, babies have different tolerances than others and may require more or less warmth. Thankfully, an air-source heat pump can provide parents with a more accurate source of heating for their baby's room.

How An Air-Source Heat Pump Helps

If you believe that your baby's bedroom is too cold and causing them to sleep poorly, it may be time to add an air-source heat pump to your home. This type of pump is among the most efficient and effective of all pumps. For example, some experts estimate that they deliver nearly three times more heat energy to a home than they consume producing the heat.

This type of system might be a good addition to a home, particularly if you already have an HVAC system that you can trust. An extra heating element like a heat pump could be installed just for your baby's room. In this way, you can provide them with the more controlled temperature that they need to sleep well and grow.

So if you find that your child is experiencing poor sleep and you want to protect them, don't hesitate to contact a heat pump specialist right away. These professionals will work hard to get you an air-sourced heat pump that meets your demanding needs. Click here to discover more on heating pumps.