Why One Air Vent In Your Home Isn't Working Up To Par

If you use an air conditioner in your home to cool off during the summertime, and you recently noticed one room is not cooling effectively, determining the cause is bound to be a concern. If the rest of your home is cooling as needed, the vent system is most likely causing one room to remain warmer than you would like. Here are some areas of a vent system that may be in need of air vent repair work to get the room to the temperature level you desire. [Read More]

Three Ways To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is often overlooked aspect of a healthy life. After all, if your indoor air is unsafe, it can cause all kinds of problems for you. Contaminants in the air you breathe can get into your lungs, irritate your respiratory system, and cause all sorts of health problems. So keeping your indoor air quality top-notch should be high on any homeowner's to-do list. Here are five ways to increase the indoor air quality in your home, whether you notice that it's lacking due to a specific problem (such as mold) or whether you are simply very sensitive to air quality due to allergies or asthma or for some other reason. [Read More]

Stranger Things In Your Kitchen Drain

When you have a garbage disposal, you may find that you end up with some stranger things in your kitchen drain. While some of these things are more "normal" than you think, others should probably be examined by a plumbing professional. Here are just a few of the stranger things that plumbers have worked on and seen. Garbage Disposal on, Sludge in the Opposite Sink Sometimes some less-than-effective handymen, who are not real plumbers, install a garbage disposal in a way that links the plumbing from the disposal unit to the same pipe that takes wastewater down from both sinks. [Read More]

No Ducts? No Problem. Your Options For Ductless Air Conditioning

Having ductwork seems like a natural prerequisite to having an effective air conditioning system. But not every home is able to accommodate the ductwork needed for a typical central air conditioner. Fortunately, there are several other options you can pursue when it comes to maintaining your home's cooling comfort. You can talk with a professional, like Pell City Heating & Cooling Inc, about the following alternatives. Window-Mounted Air Conditioner Window-mounted air conditioners are the proven go-to when it comes to central air conditioning alternatives. [Read More]