Keeping My Power Bills Down

Three Reasons To Heat Your Home With Fuel Oil

When it comes to heating one's home, there are many options to consider, and with each option, comes a host of other factors to consider in order to determine the best method for your situation. While heating with the power of the sun and solar panels is a great idea, in theory, it's not an option that will work in every climate.

For example, the cold and snowy bitter winters in New England and the Great Lakes regions would be hard-pressed to make it through the season with simply solar energy. Most of the country heats with natural gas or electricity, but natural gas isn't available everywhere, nor is electricity. Instead, home heating oil is a better choice for these areas.  

Six percent of the United States currently relies on oil, a renewable resource, to heat their homes and cabins, and as technology advances, some companies are now able to provide home heating oil blended with biodiesel, which is made from vegetable oil or animal fat. This reduces the reliance on foreign oil and leads to less overall pollution. Here are the advantages of choosing heating oil:

Fuel Oil Is Safe

Natural gas leaks happen all the time, and unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to an explosion that results in loss of property and life. Fuel oil in noncombustible, meaning you're not in danger of your tank exploding. It will only ignite when needed, via your furnace or oil burner.

Fuel Oil Is Reliable

When major storms occur, it's not uncommon for the power to go out. For people who rely on electricity to heat their homes, a bad Nor'easter or blizzard just got a lot worse. It's bad enough to be sitting in the dark, but when your house is getting colder by the minute on top of it, it can be downright scary. When you heat your home with fuel oil, you can ride out the storm in comfort.

Fuel Oil Allows You More Control

Because a tank is required to store your fuel oil, you can better control your price and your usage. Some people watch the prices and fill their tanks or top it off when the prices are lower, much like people do with gasoline for their vehicles. You also don't have to worry about paying a monthly bill to the natural gas company or having an exorbitant monthly bill during the winter, making it harder to budget. With fuel oil, you can fill the tank and forget about it, setting aside money for your next tank based on your personal usage.