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Dealing With HVAC Issues In Your Business Or Commercial Space

Commercial AC repair can be essential in a business that depends on the HVAC system to maintain a comfortable environment throughout the year. When the weather changes, your heating and cooling systems need to adapt and maintain the constant temperature, humidity, and air movement. A commercial air conditioning contractor may be the solution if your HVAC system can't do that.

Maintaining Your HVAC System

Maintaining the HVAC system in your commercial building is the best way to combat problems with the system before they begin. If you have a commercial air conditioning contractor or HVAC tech come and service the equipment several times a year, they can inspect all the components and hopefully catch a potential problem before the system goes out of service. The inspection and maintenance are straightforward and, in most cases, involve changing filters, checking the belts and motors, looking over the wiring and other electrical components, and checking to see that the fans are working correctly in the system. The inspection typically takes a couple of hours with the included service of the system, but on large commercial systems, it can take longer if the filters and other parts of the system are spread over a large part of the building.

Making Repairs

During the service and inspection of your commercial AC unit, the technician may find something that needs addressing and let you know before they begin any work on the HVAC unit. Often the job may involve shutting the system down, so the commercial air conditioning contractor may want to find a time when there is no one in the space if the repair will take a few hours. Repairs like replacing a belt or a controller inside the system can be done quickly enough that the system downtime is not critical. Still, if a fan motor or major component goes out, the time to replace it could be significant depending on the system and where the component is located inside. In extreme cases where the contractor can not easily repair the system, you may need the commercial air conditioning contractor to replace the entire unit, which can take several days depending on the HVAC unit's type and size. 

Many commercial units are mounted on the roof of the structure and have a pass-through in the roof to the ductwork inside. If the rooftop unit needs replacement, it often requires a crane to lift the old HVAC unit off the roof and position the new one in its place. This process is complicated and can take some planning and coordination to get the new HVAC unit on-site, have the crane there simultaneously, and try to accomplish the swap before you open or after you close for the day. 

For more information, contact a commercial AC company, such as Environmental Air Systems Inc.