Faulty AC Fan Motor? How to Get Your AC Working Again

If your AC isn't blowing cool air or if the airflow is weak, there might be a problem with the fan motor. A central air conditioning system usually has two fans. One controls the blower in the air handler and the other controls the fan in the condenser. Here's how to tell if one of these fans is malfunctioning and how an air conditioning repair technician might deal with a bad motor.

What's That Sound Coming From My Furnace?

If there's a sound coming from your HVAC unit, chances are you should stand up and take notice. These systems generally operate in total silence, circulating warm and cold air throughout your house at the appropriate times. A loud sound coming from your furnace should warrant at least an inspection, and if necessary, a call to a heating repair service. The last thing you want is for your unit to go out in the middle of the winter, leaving you and your family without the necessary heat to stay warm.

Information About Commercial Refrigeration Systems

If you are in need of a commercial refrigerator for your business, then you might find yourself wondering about some factors regarding the process of having one put in and what it can involve afterward. Here are things you may be wondering about regarding commercial refrigeration and information to help you become better informed:  How can you afford the expense of a new commercial refrigerator as a new business? If your business is new, then you may be concerned about how you can afford to take care of everything else you have to and still be able to purchase a commercial refrigeration system.

Working With An HVAC Company To Get The Best Home Repair And Installation Service

When you're trying to set a solid foundation for your home living situation, start by making sure you have the best heating and cooling. Choosing the best quality AC system installation saves you a bundle of cash in the summer seasons, in addition to keeping you from enduring heat stroke and general discomfort. Getting expedient furnace repairs likewise makes sure you're warm throughout the entire winter. It all begins and ends with the HVAC company you hire.

3 Things That Can Keep Your AC Blower From Turning On

If the blower in your air conditioner doesn't work, cool air won't circulate through your home. Several things can cause the blower to perform at a lower level or not work at all. It's even possible for the fan and motor on the condenser outside to work fine while the fan on the indoor unit doesn't work at all. Here are three possible reasons your AC blower won't start up.

Complications A Furnace Repair Contractor Can Address For Homeowners

If your home's furnace is a little bit older, then it can break down more frequently than newer systems. You don't have to really worry because you can always get in touch with a furnace repair technician. They are skilled and have the means of addressing the following complications today. Frequent Cycling If your furnace keeps turning on and off, that's not good because it means your furnace is working harder than it should.

5 Signs It May Be Time To Invest In A New Heating System

If you want to be warm and comfortable during the winter months, a good heating system is a must. If you already own a heating system, you'll want to pay attention to any warning signs that may point toward needing a replacement. The truth is that a good heating system won't last forever and will need to be replaced. Keep reading to learn the signs that may point to the need to invest in a new heating system: 

5 Signs You Need a Standby Generator

The electrical power you get from your utility company is great, you cannot rely on it a hundred percent. Electrical outages do occur and they can be a real pain. One way of preempting such outages is to get an electrical standby generator. Everyone can benefit from a standby generator, but you need it more if the following circumstances fit your situation.  1. Erratic Weather Bad weather can knock out power by downing power lines, crashing trees into power lines, or causing fire outages (due to lightning strikes).

Why Is My Furnace Making Weird Noises?

Unusual noises are often one of the first signs of trouble with any piece of HVAC equipment. Since furnaces typically run on natural gas, strange noises can be especially distressing. If your furnace has been making sounds, then it's essential to call an HVAC professional to diagnose it as soon as possible. In the meantime, this guide will help you to identify the likely cause of the problem. If you can't find your problem listed here, or if you are unsure of the source of the noise, stop using your heating immediately until a technician can properly evaluate your furnace.

5 Unusual Signs Of Impending Furnace Problems

Sometimes it's easy to tell when your furnace needs maintenance. The usual warning signs are so obvious that it's hard for most homeowners to miss. However, not all warnings are as noticeable as the typical bad odors or loud noises. There are plenty of warning signs that are so subtle that they're easy for the average homeowner to miss. The following article highlights a few of these subtle and unusual signs of furnace trouble on the horizon.