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Four Services You Didn't Know A Plumber Could Provide

When you think of plumbing services, usually a few things come directly to mind: unclogging toilets, replacing bathtubs, and even performing some type of sewer repair. Plumbers are usually jack-of-all-trades, and they can perform a number of services that most homeowners don't even think about. In some cases, these plumbing services not only repair existing issues but can also make your life substantially better.

Look below for some of these types of plumbing services that you didn't know plumbers could do, and if any of them sound interesting, contact a professional to schedule an appointment.

Appliance Install

When most people buy appliances, they simply contract the store that they bought the appliance from to have it installed as well. The problem with this is that those technicians are usually only trained to install a certain type of appliance in a certain way, and are often unprepared to handle any type of major problem that might arise, such as leveling baseboards or trying to fit a different connection. Since professional plumbers work on these types of appliances regularly, it makes sense they would provide appliance installation as one of their plumbing services.

Water Filter Install

Nearly 85% of Americans deal with hard water issues, but while the taste may be a problem, the bigger issue is what it can do to your pipes. Hard water can cause sediment buildup inside of your hot water heater and cause corrosion prematurely. Installing a water filtration system will not only improve your family's health but can also increase the lifespan of your home's plumbing systems.

Bathroom Remodel

Whereas replacing a toilet and moving bathtubs may be one thing, most people are unaware that plumbers can actually act as de facto consultants on to their home's remodel. Plumbers have a wide array of industry knowledge when it comes to brands and models, and can recommend not only the type of toilet that you need in your home but also a plumbing layout that makes the overall plumbing system more efficient. If you're curious about what type of layout would work best for you, contact the plumber to schedule a consultation.

Gas Line Repaired

If you've had your eye on that brand-new gas stove for your house, you most likely know that you need a gas line extended to your kitchen in order to make it happen. But most people are unaware that it's actually illegal to work on gas lines in most states (without the proper licenses), which means you need to hire a professional to take care of it for you. Plumbers have the necessary licenses and certifications to work on gas lines, so if you want to make that dream a reality, a plumber can help.