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3 Things That Can Keep Your AC Blower From Turning On

If the blower in your air conditioner doesn't work, cool air won't circulate through your home. Several things can cause the blower to perform at a lower level or not work at all. It's even possible for the fan and motor on the condenser outside to work fine while the fan on the indoor unit doesn't work at all. Here are three possible reasons your AC blower won't start up.

1. Loose Wiring Or Bad Electronic Components

The proper functioning of the thermostat, wiring, electronic components, and motor are all necessary for the blower fan to function. Something as simple and easy to fix as loose wiring in the thermostat or motor could cause your AC not to run.

In addition, electrical components such as the capacitor or fan relay contacts can go bad so the motor and blower fan can't get power. An air conditioning repair technician can test the electronic parts of the blower assembly to find a part that might be bad. It's also possible to spot electrical problems just by looking. For instance, loose wiring or a bad capacitor may be noticeable right away.

2. A Clogged Filter

If your AC isn't working, it's always a good idea to check your filter first thing. It's easy to forget about changing the filter, but when you do, the filter gets clogged with dust and air can't flow through the air conditioner. If the AC overheats because it's working hard and not getting enough airflow, it can shut down.

Try changing the filter, and that might fix the problem. However, you may still want to call an AC service to check your HVAC since some of the dust from the filter might be inside clogging up the fan and motor too. If those parts are also clogged with dust, your AC may not operate.

3. A Clogged Condensation Drain

A clogged condensation drain may not harm the blower or motor, but your AC may shut off if the drain gets clogged. You may notice the blower won't kick on, or that it kicks on and shuts down right away, and think something's wrong with the blower when the problem is with the drainage system.

If the drain line gets clogged, water fills up in the pan. If the water gets too full, it will spill on the floor, so many HVAC units have a safety switch that shuts off the operation until the drainage problem is fixed.

Since such a variety of things can cause your blower to not run, call an air conditioning repair service to examine the air handler and pinpoint the problem. The repairs may be quick and affordable, such as when the wiring is loose, but the repair technician may need to replace the motor or other parts before your AC is ready to start cooling your house again.

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