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3 Telltale Signs That It's Time To Plan A Furnace Replacement Project

Furnaces can last for many years. Properly maintained furnaces are unlikely to have a myriad of heating repair issues, and they may last for many years. Sometimes homeowners may choose to get a new furnace installation even though their existing appliance works. They may make the decision due to their warranties expiring, energy efficiency concerns, or better technology options. The following points highlight a few things that homeowners may notice if it is time for a furnace replacement. 

Dust and Soot Buildup

Homes will naturally have dust accumulation on surfaces. However, excessive dust is often a telltale sign of an HVAC system issue. A common culprit is the air filter. Some homeowners forget to change theirs, which can release excess dust into their homes. The dust settles on surfaces and can be a nuisance. Individuals who recognize a pattern of needing to change their air filters more often than usual may have furnaces that are nearing the end of their lifespan. These furnaces may also have the presence of soot, which is a black film indicative of poor performance or a furnace repair issue.


This can happen when a furnace has been exposed to water. The rust will deteriorate the unit and eventually lead to poor performance issues. Homeowners who have furnaces in this condition usually no longer have a warranty. If they do, it might be voided if they did not adhere to the maintenance requirements in their warranties. It is sensible to get a furnace replacement because they will have a new furnace with a warranty and no mechanical or physical defects.  

High Energy Costs

A quick review of energy rates is a good way to determine if a furnace might be the culprit for higher bills. Some energy providers provide a glimpse of the previous year's heating costs for easy comparison. Individuals can also likely locate this information by retrieving the bills from the prior year. Slight increases in rates are likely to cause energy costs to be higher. However, if there is a significant increase and consumption is also elevated, it is likely that the furnace is working harder and using more energy. Age and lack of maintenance are common reasons for this phenomenon.

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to determine if a furnace replacement is needed. They can help homeowners compare units and plan their furnace installation. Some homeowners may want to consider migrating to a different fuel source for their new furnaces. Contractors can explain the available fuel options and the pros and cons of each. This helps to ensure that individuals can have peace of mind about their replacement decision.

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