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Signs You Need To Call An Air Conditioning Repair Service To Fix A Problem With Condensation Drainage

Your air conditioner is supposed to make condensation. Condensation is a natural reaction when warm air meets cold refrigerant coils. However, in normal circumstances, the condensation drains outdoors so you aren't even aware of it. When something goes wrong with the condensation drainage system, water can't drain and you could have a leak on your hands. Here are signs your air handler might be leaking water and the air conditioning repairs that can fix the problem.

Signs Of A Drainage Problem In Your AC

Since your air handler for your AC is probably out of sight, you may not notice if mold is growing near it because of the water leak. Depending on where your AC is located, you may see mold growing on a wall or ceiling. You might also smell a moldy, musty odor.

Some air conditioners are designed with a switch that shuts your AC off if the condensation pan gets too full and overflows. So, if your AC won't run, a clogged condensation drain may be to blame.

Repairs For A Leaky Condensation Problem

One of the most common issues that makes condensation back up and leak on the floor is a clogged drain. Sometimes algae can build up in the drain and clog it. No matter what causes the clog, if condensation can't drain past it, the water backs up, fills the condensation pan, and then spills down to the floor.

You might clear a clogged condensation drain yourself with compressed air, a wet vac, or a long probe that can break up the clog. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, call an air conditioning repair service. They'll verify the only problem is a clog and then clear the clog out of the drain. They may also rinse the drain to make sure all algae and bacteria are gone. They may use an algaecide to clean the drain and pan so algae won't come right back.

Another repair your AC might need is to fix a hole in the condensation pan. Since the pan collects water, water will leak out if there is a hole or crack. Some pans are part of the air handler and aren't removable, so the air conditioning repair technician will try to repair it if at all possible so major work won't be needed just to put in a new pan.

You should have a leaky air conditioner problem repaired as soon as you can. Your AC creates condensation every time it operates, so the water won't stop coming. The pain and drain have to be operational for water to drain to the outside or you could end up with water damage in your home and rust damage to your air conditioner.

For more information on air conditioning repair, contact a professional near you.