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3 Possible Reasons Why Your AC Is Not Working

Whenever you turn your AC on, you expect it to work effectively by controlling the temperatures. But, sometimes it may fail to turn on, which could be frustrating. AC failure could result from many things, including old age and faulty internal components.

Also, some problems may be insignificant, while others may be advanced. If this is your situation, you need a reliable AC repair expert to identify the issue and suggest the best remedy. Below are the three possible reasons for your air conditioner's failure.

Clogged Ductwork

The vents in the duct system play a significant role in transporting air in and out of your space. So, if you don't service your system regularly, grime will accumulate in the vents. Sometimes, things like toys can get into these systems, thus blocking airflow.

An experienced AC contractor will assess the vents for clogs and clear them. Keep in mind that blocked vents and clogged filters are the usual causes of obstructed airflow into your space. Thankfully, this issue will not require any replacements but proper cleaning, and you'll be good to go.

Your Capacitor Is Damaged

The capacitor is an essential component of your AC. It is the element that provides your AC with that first jolt of energy when you turn it on. Therefore, if it is damaged, your system will develop problems and will fail to function. 

The capacitor might fail due to various reasons. For instance, capacitors are very sensitive to high temperatures and direct sunlight can damage them. On the other hand, your AC's capacitor might fail when you set your thermostat to the highest or lowest, as it overheats the capacitor.

Your AC Switch Is Off

This is a minor issue that you can fix. Nonetheless, most people miss it regularly and call professionals, only to realize it was the switch. You might not be the one who switched off the unit. However, someone else in your home might have done it. 

So, if your AC fails to start, check the system's main switch to see if it is off and switch it back on. If it still fails to function, there could be an issue with other components. Engage an AC repair service technician for inspection.

Many things can make your AC fail, from a defective thermostat to a dirty filter. Also, you can fix some issues by yourself, while others will need repair professional intervention. For that reason, engage a professional. They will inspect the unit and fix the problem before it causes a total unit breakdown.

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