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3 Professional AC Maintenance Procedures That Guard Against Allergies

If you or one of your family members suffers from allergies, you should keep your household allergen-free to protect them from flare-ups. And since your AC unit is responsible for purifying your indoor air, you should keep it in good working order, so it fulfills this role. In this article, you'll discover three professional AC maintenance procedures that guard your household against allergies.

Outdoor Unit Cleaning 

While there are many potential triggers for allergies, one of the most common is exposure to dust and other airborne particles. For people with allergies, even a small amount can cause symptoms like sneezing, sniffling, and watery eyes. Fortunately, by cleaning your HVAC's outdoor unit, you can ensure dust from outside isn't brought into the house during air circulation.

It would help if you commissioned routine AC maintenance checks, as this would allow your technician to assess the cleanliness of the outdoor cabinet. If it has accumulated dust, the professional will thoroughly clean it, careful not to cause any damage to delicate parts like the HVAC fins.

Filter Screen Cleaning 

Your HVAC filter screen's main job is to trap allergens in your house to ensure they don't continue to circulate in your indoor spaces. However, it's important to note that they eventually get clogged with allergens and should be cleaned to enable continued air purification.

That's where routine air filter cleaning comes in; on every maintenance appointment, your AC professional technician will take out the filter screen and remove all the allergens it has accumulated thus far. This frees the air filter surface to continue purifying your indoor air.

Ductwork Cleaning 

During HVAC unit installation, your technician will fit ductwork throughout your home to ensure air from the central unit can be circulated throughout the house. Since synthetic tubes are out of sight, most homeowners forget about them after installation. And while they can continue to do their job, the air being circulated will slowly become contaminated due to the allergens that settle in the ducts over time.

To ensure this does not happen, you should commission routine ductwork cleaning to remove any pollutants that have accumulated along its linings. This would save your allergic family members a great deal of irritation and sensitivity.

In conclusion, by following the three professional AC maintenance procedures outlined above, you can guard your household against allergies and ensure everyone enjoys good indoor air quality. Contact an AC company in your area such as Fred Williams and Sons Heating & Cooling to learn more.