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Which Type Of Air Conditioning System Should You Choose?

If you have decided to get a new residential air conditioning system, it's vital to make sound decisions. The first thing you need to do is to choose a residential air conditioning system that can cool your home for many summers to come. 

Today's ACs are more energy-efficient and effective than ever before, so you'll get value for your money once you make a good choice. So, how do you navigate this complicated decision-making process? This post will share the common types of air conditioners you should consider as you upgrade or get a new cooling system for your new home.

Central Air Conditioner

Most homes have multiple rooms that may need to be cooled simultaneously. If you need an AC that can cool several rooms, you should get a central air conditioner. This kind of AC comes with a split system for regulating air through a ducting system. 

Generally, a central air conditioner has two main parts – the outdoor unit that houses the compressor and condenser and an indoor unit that has the air handler and evaporator coils. The system uses a refrigerant to remove heat from the air indoors so cool air can be pushed in via the ducts. The unit also accommodates programmable thermostats to give users a smart home experience.

Window Air Conditioner

This self-contained unit is placed on a window to cool several rooms. Window air conditioners are ideal for single-level homes and apartments and come in various sizes. The bigger the unit, the cooler air it can generate. 

Since the cooling capability of a window air unit is limited because of its fixed location and size, users have to make sure they determine their needs to get a suitable unit. Because window air conditioners are affordable, one can get several window units to increase the air output on each level of the home.

Portable Air Conditioner

These ACs are similar to the window air conditioning systems because they have one single unit that contains all the components. The only difference is that the unit is free-standing and can be moved from one room to another depending on the cooling needs. 

All users need to do is have a power outlet for powering it up and a window where the warm air can be exhausted with its funnel. The portable air conditioner is designed for people who need temporary cooling in certain rooms or areas where installing a split or window air conditioner isn't practical.

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