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Musty AC Smell? Why You Need An Air Conditioning Contractor

Do you smell an unpleasant odor every time you switch on your air conditioner or adjust the temperature? You should not wish this sign away. You might have a mold infestation, which poses a risk to your family's respiratory health. It could also be a sign you have the wrong AC size. There should not be any smells coming from an AC in good working condition. There are several reasons your AC will need an air conditioning contractor when it has a musty odor.

Repair Leakages Causing Mold Infestation

The AC duct interior is usually a sterile environment for mold growth because they are made of inhabitable sheet metal or Styrofoam. But cracks in the ductwork can allow infiltration of dust and debris, which provides the organic surface that mold spores need for growth. 

Mold is harmful to human respiratory health. It aggravates asthma and sneezing attacks. It also triggers respiratory complications, including bronchitis. Some people suffer eye and skin inflammation from contact with mold. Engage an AC contractor to inspect for cracked or punctured ductwork and repair the leakages. 

Downgrade or Replace a Wrong AC Size 

You should not have a bigger AC unit than your house needs. An oversize AC becomes a problem because it cycles the air out of the house too quickly. It does not achieve optimal dehumidification levels, which leads to high moisture levels in the house and the ducts. Such conditions attract mold growth in the AC ducts and different parts of the house.

An oversized AC is energy inefficient. The frequent on and off cycles take up more power than expected, raising your energy bills. It also has a faster wear and tear rate. You need an air conditioning contractor to downgrade part sizes, where possible, or replace the entire air conditioning unit. 

Replace Clogged Air Filters

Clogged air filters limit the AC's ability to dehumidify the air. This water freezes on the evaporator coils. You will feel a musty odor when it melts from the warm air. Have an AC contractor change the filters at least once every three months. 

Unblock a Blocked Condensate Line 

The condensate line removes water from the drain pan. Its shape and location attract mold and sludge. The drain pan can also accumulate water, which attracts mold growth. You need an AC contractor to remove and clean the condensate line. They should also replace the drain pan when it is corroded. 

Is your AC making people in the house uncomfortable with nasty smells? Call in the air conditioner contractor to diagnose and fix the problem. An air conditioning contractor can provide more information.