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2 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Attempt To Unclog A Stubborn Drain By Yourself

After a few days of having water slowly drain out of a sink in your house, it may have finally stopped up completely. After trying to get the water flowing again with a plunger, you may start looking around for other methods to get rid of the blockage. However, there are a couple of reasons why you should not attempt to unclog the stubborn drain by yourself. Instead, you should contact a drain cleaning service to come to your home and get rid of the problem for you. 

1.  You May Make the Problem Worse Than Before You Started to Clear It Out

One reason why you should forego any further attempts to remove the clog in your sink's drain yourself is that you may make the problem worse. While it may not seem like the situation could get any worse, using the wrong tools or incorrect techniques could do just that.

If you have a plumbers snake but have never used one before, you could end up packing the clog tighter inside of the pipe or even pushing the clog further down the drainage line to where it becomes difficult to reach. Using a straightened clothes hanger would cause this same issue.

2.  You Run the Risk of Damaging the Drainage Pipe While Trying to Unclog It

Not only would using improper tools or techniques make the blockage worse, but they also increase your chances of damaging the pipe while you are trying to unclog it. With the clothes hanger, you could inadvertently crack the side of a pipe or damage the trap, making it necessary to replace it.

Physical do-it-yourself methods of drain cleaning are not the only things that could damage your pipes. Even store-bought chemical drain cleaners could melt some piping materials such as PVC if left in the lines too long. Even home remedies that utilize pouring scalding water down the drains could cause this issue.

If you have a clog in one of your home's drains that refuses to budge, attempting to clear it out yourself could not only make the blockage worse but could also wind up costing your money from having to replace pipes damaged in the process. When you have a stubborn clog that you cannot remove with a plunger, it may be better to go ahead and call a drain cleaning service near you to have them get rid of the clog for you. For more information, contact a drain cleaning service