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2 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Home's Central Air Conditioner Serviced During Winter

When the weather is cold outside, the last thing that is most likely on your mind is whether or not your home's central air conditioning unit is running in tiptop condition. However, there are a couple of reasons why you should be thinking about having the unit serviced during the winter months instead of waiting until the arrival of spring or summer.

1. Helps to Reduce the Time You Have to Wait for the Service Call

One reason why you should consider making an appointment to have your home's central A/C unit serviced while it is still wintertime is that you will most likely not have a long wait until your appointment. Just like you, most people are not calling and lining up to have their air conditioner maintained when the temperatures are below freezing.

Because of this, you may be able to make your appointment that fits your schedule. If you wait until it comes time to turn on the air conditioner, other people will probably be calling to have maintenance completed or to have repairs done for issues not discovered until they went to use their unit.

If you wait until everyone else is calling, you may find yourself having to wait several weeks for the service call. And, you may not have your pick of times that are more convenient for you and your family.

2. Helps to Ensure That Your Unit Is Ready to Go in the Spring

Along with reducing your wait time for the service call, another reason why you should have your air conditioner serviced by a professional during the winter months is that it helps to ensure that the unit is ready to go come spring. Even if the unit seemed to run smoothly when you last used it the previous season, there could have been issues that were not evident.

If there is a refrigerant leak or the motor was just starting to fail, when you turn on the A/C unit in the spring, you may find that you have to wait to use it until it can be fixed. However, if the unit is inspected and issues found ahead of time, you will not have any delays with being able to cool your home.

Having your home's unit serviced in the wintertime can help to catch any possible issues in a timely manner while helping to ensure that the system is ready to go when warmer weather arrives. Instead of waiting until spring or summer, contact an HVAC contractor who offers air conditioning services to set up an appointment for them to look over your central A/C unit and perform any necessary maintenance and repairs.

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