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5 Signs You Need a Standby Generator

The electrical power you get from your utility company is great, you cannot rely on it a hundred percent. Electrical outages do occur and they can be a real pain. One way of preempting such outages is to get an electrical standby generator. Everyone can benefit from a standby generator, but you need it more if the following circumstances fit your situation. 

1. Erratic Weather

Bad weather can knock out power by downing power lines, crashing trees into power lines, or causing fire outages (due to lightning strikes). Weather-related outages can last for as long as the inclement weather. Storms, wildfires, and earthquakes are some of the common causes of weather-related blackouts. Consider investing in a standby generator if you live in an area with such erratic weather patterns since there is a real chance you might be out of power multiple times or regularly.

2. Extreme Temperatures

You should also invest in a standby generator if your area experiences extremely cold or hot temperatures. This is because it is both dangerous and uncomfortable to stay in a hot or freezing home. Note that most cooling or heating systems, including systems that use fuel (such as gas furnaces), won't run without electricity.

3. Smart Home

A smart home is any home that uses connected technologies to operate or run most of its processes. Electricity and internet are at the center of these connected technologies. For example, a smart home can have internet-connected heating and cooling systems, refrigerators, lights, and security systems. With a smart home, most of the processes will suffer if the electricity is out; you can't afford a prolonged blackout in such a home.

4. Home Business

In a typical home, a short-term blackout might be nothing more than an inconvenience. If you run a home business, then a blackout can mean the difference between making and missing a deadline. Your clients won't be happy to hear that you have not delivered on your contract because your power was out; a standby generator can help you avoid such failures.

5. Unreliable Power Supply

Lastly, anyone in an area that experiences frequent power outages needs a standby generator. You don't even need to diagnose the cause of the outages (as long as it is not happening in your home) to have an alternative source of electricity.

Talk to an electrical contractor before buying a standby generator. The contractor will evaluate your electrical load and advise you on the generator capacity to install.