Keeping My Power Bills Down

How To Keep Your Home Cool During The Hot Summer Months

Your residential air conditioning can give you a comfortable environment all summer when you take good care of your system. Before you need to rely on your system on a daily basis, it's useful to have your system serviced by an HVAC technician. They will change air filters, lubricate your system, and test your air conditioner for any problems. Small repairs that are made before the cooling season can help prevent an emergency from occurring. With an optimized cooling system, you can then focus on the air flow in your home and paying attention to changes in the weather. Closed blinds, ceiling fans, and opening up your windows when it cools down can all help you save money on energy costs.

Keep the Air Flowing

Pay attention to all of the air vents that provide cool air into your home. If you have any that are blocked by furniture, make sure that they are clear. Look for ways to move air from room to room, turning on ceiling fans as necessary. If you don't want a particular room to be cooled down, keep the door closed and shut off any temperature sensors that might be in the closed room.

Help Your System Cool the House Down

Your air conditioner may have to work hard during periods of heat and humidity. You can help your system by managing the temperature. Avoid big swings by keeping the temperature moderate. If you turn the temperature up to try and save money while you aren't home, your system will only have to work that much harder to cool your home off when you get home. Use a programmable thermostat to keep your temperature steady. Close blinds in southern exposure windows during the heat of the day, and open windows when you can to let in cool air.

Pay Attention to Stove and Dryer Use

When the weather gets really hot, minimizing the use of your household stove and dryer can help keep your home cool. Hang clothes out to dry, and avoid prolonged use of your oven if possible. Anything you can do to avoid heating up your home is going to help your system work more efficiently.

As you get ready for the hot weather, have your air conditioner serviced. Make sure all of your ceiling fans are in good working order. Make sure all vents are uncovered, and learn how to change out your air filters so you can do it once a month.