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Does Your Furnace Kick On Randomly And Never Delivers Enough Heat? What To Know

If your furnace seems to long periods of time without kicking on, and you don't feel like it's heating the house affectively, the problem may not even be the furnace itself. The problem could be the thermostat, which many homeowners don't pay any attention to. If you haven't had the unit inspected in a while your entire HVAC system should be examined. Talk with a HVAC contractor about the problems that you are experiencing, and have them come to your home so they can look at the following concerns and potential solutions.

Thermostat Concerns

The thermostat is most likely just as old at the furnace, and it may need some maintenance. Talk with the heating services professional about doing these things:

  • Troubleshooting the unit
  • Getting a new programmable thermostat
  • Getting a backup power connection
  • Replacing the temperature sensors

If the thermostat isn't sending the right messages to the furnace, the furnace doesn't turn on, and then you don't get the heat that you need I your home. Replacing the thermostat for a programmable efficient one could be the answer for your problems.

Connection Problems

If there is a problem with the connection between the thermostat and the furnace, or an electrical problem inside the furnace, this could cause the lack of heat. The furnace may only kick on when the electrical connection gets through. This means that you have some wiring concerns and electrical components that need to be replaced.

Furnace Repairs

After the thermostat has been examined the heating and cooling professional will look at the thermostat to see if this is where the problem lies. A full inspection will be necessary, to see if there are problems with the motor, fan, belts, filters and more. The heat may not be getting out of the unit if there is a blockage, or the furnace may not be creating enough heat because the furnace sensors are damaged.

If your furnace just kicks on when it wants and doesn't heat the house at the temperature you have the thermostat set at during the day, it's time to get a heating services professional to your home. You could be wasting a lot of energy as you continue to turn the temperature on the thermostat up because you want the house to get warmer, and you could be doing damage to the furnace. Talk with the HVAC company and get someone to your home right away.