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Three AC Mistakes That Can Cost Your Business Money

Cooling is likely a major summer expense at your business, but it's necessary to ensure that your staff and customers are comfortable. At the same time, you want to make sure you don't waste money on your AC system unnecessarily. Know the following mistakes so that you can avoid them.

#1: Not managing cooling loss

As a business, it is unavoidable for some cooling to be lost to opening doors. You can minimize this, though, by installing a double door system to help prevent too much air from escaping each time a customer enters or leaves the building. The weather stripping around the doors and windows should also be in good repair. Another source of cooling loss is south and west facing windows. When the sun hits these the temperatures inside begin to rise. Install tinting or shades to cut down on this issue. Finally, make sure the insulation in your exterior walls and ceiling is up to standards. The more insulation, the less cool air loss you will experience in summer.

#2: Ignoring rooftop maintenance

Most businesses have their AC unit on the roof, which makes them easy to forget about. This can be a costly mistake. Plan to inspect the unit monthly. You can simply look for any leaks or collect water – if the unit doesn't drain properly, call a technician before you experience water damage. Also, make sure no debris has built up around the unit. Finally, change out the filters monthly during the cooling season. At least once a year plan to supplement your inspections with a professional HVAC service and inspection to ensure that everything is lubricated and operating properly.

#3: Neglecting your thermostat

Whether you have a single thermostat or several, making sure they are all placed properly and working correctly is a must. A thermostat should be installed on an interior wall. Don't place anything that releases heat near the thermostat, such as a computer work station or the office copy machine, since heat affects the readings. A programmable thermostat is an energy and cost saver, but in a business environment, you should place the thermostat in a locked case so only maintenance or management can adjust the settings. Finally, make sure to have the thermostat inspected and calibrated each year when you have your annual AC service performed. This ensures any problems are caught early, before they become an expensive problem.

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