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Why One Air Vent In Your Home Isn't Working Up To Par

If you use an air conditioner in your home to cool off during the summertime, and you recently noticed one room is not cooling effectively, determining the cause is bound to be a concern. If the rest of your home is cooling as needed, the vent system is most likely causing one room to remain warmer than you would like. Here are some areas of a vent system that may be in need of air vent repair work to get the room to the temperature level you desire.

Make Sure No Voids Are Present

If the end of one of the air ducts becomes loose, cooler air will escape into other areas of the home instead of being dispersed into the room where the duct work leads. Check that the ducting leading to the vents in the room without adequate cooling is completely intact. If there are rips or holes present within the duct work, the room will not cool as quickly as other rooms in your home do. These voids can be patched with air duct sealing tape.

Check To See If There Is A Blockage

If someone had slipped something into the vent system for safekeeping, this blockage will make it difficult for cool air to make its way into the room where the duct work leads. If an animal like a squirrel or chipmunk happened to get into your home's ducting to set up a nesting area, or if a larger animal happened to perish inside of a air duct, airflow will be restricted as well. A professional air conditioning repair service will take a look inside of your duct work to determine whether a blockage is causing the inadequate cooling situation. They will clean out dirty ducts to increase airflow as necessary.

Make Sure Vents Are Not Blocked

The vent covers inside of the room not being cooled up to par may have been switched to a setting where the fins are in a closed position. Make sure the dampers on each of the vent covers allows air to pass through without difficulty. Clogged vent covers can be vacuumed to remove debris so air flow is no longer restricted. Check that each of the vents in the room is not blocked in any way. If a piece of furniture covers the vent or blocks the passageway of the air being pushed through it, the room will not cool as efficiently.