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How To Use Temporary Pipe Wrap Solutions For Industrial Pipes

When there is a leak in industrial piping, replacing the pipe is the ideal solution. But in some cases, it is also possible that the problem can be solved through a pipe wrap system. Some pipe wrap systems can be purchased at a hardware store and there is also a DIY version if you have the right materials.

Choosing The Right Pipe Wrap

A pipe wrap is a product that can be purchased at hardware stores. When purchasing a kit, make sure to determine whether your pipe is pressurized and choose a kit for that type of pipe. The type used for pressurized pipes comes with an additional layer that is designed to strengthen the seal. Find out what types of pipes the pipe wrap is designed to work with. For example many pipe wraps are designed to only work with copper and galvanized pipes. Also, look for products that come with nitril gloves that will protect your hands.

Applying The Pipe Wrap

The pipe wrap is wrapped around the pipe. They then harden and prevent the pipe from continuing to leak. They are similar to epoxy. Often, the pipe wrap will cause a chemical reaction after it has been exposed to water. Find out the temperature at which the epoxy material cures and make sure that the ambient environment is near this temperature. Typically, it will take 30 minutes for an epoxy pipe wrap to cure at 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If the pipes are used for potable water, make sure that it is NSF Certified for use with potable water lines.

DIY Solutions

Another type of wrap for fixing pipes is a rubber wrap with a pipe clamp. If you have a thin piece of rubber lying around, you can wrap it around the leak and then use electrical tape to hold the rubber. Then, use a c-clamp to create enough pressure to seal the leak. Tighten the screws to shut the clamp. Other alternatives include using a pipe-sleeve clamp or a hose clamp. This solution is ideal for when you have already contacted a plumber and are simply waiting for your scheduled appointment. 

For Temporary Repairs Only

While the pipe wrap might temporarily solve the problem, it is likely that you will eventually need to purchase a new industrial pipe. It is best to hire professionals to come in and replace your industrial pipes with newer brands that will last longer.

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