Keeping My Power Bills Down

8 Ways To Reduce Your Heating Bills

When winter rolls around, you may worry about how high your heating bills will be. The cost of heating up a home, especially if it is big, can be quite a lot. However, all hope is not lost. If you are willing to make a few changes, you can reduce your energy bills during the winter and save money. Here are eight effective ways to reduce your heating bills:

Inspect Your Electrical Boxes for Gaps

Like many homeowners, you probably haven't given much thought to the electrical boxes in your home. However, if they are not insulated properly, warm air can escape right out of them. That is why it is important to periodically inspect these electrical boxes for gaps. If you find gaps, make sure to seal them with acrylic latex caulk immediately.

Use a Space Heater

If you do not already have a space heater, it is definitely time to purchase one. Putting a space heater in a room where your family gathers often allows you to turn down the thermostat a few degrees without feeling cold. The rest of your home will be cooler, but at least you and your loved ones will stay plenty warm. Do not forget to turn the space heater off before you leave your house and make sure it isn't next to anything flammable, like a blanket.

Cover Up Your Windows

Another effective way to save money on your heating bills is to cover up your windows with plastic. If you leave them bare, they can let cold air into your house, forcing your heating system to work harder. Plastic film is inexpensive and can be found at your local hardware store. After you clean the edges of your windows with mild detergent, carefully apply the plastic to the outside edge of the window trim. Then, seal it with a blow-dryer.

Keep Your Curtains Open

If you keep your curtains open during the day, the sun can shine in your home and warm it up. This will give your furnace a big break because it will not have to work as hard to keep your house warm.

Keep Furniture Away from Heating Registers

It is important to make sure that your furniture is at least a few feet away from your heating registers. If your furniture pieces are too close to the registers, they can block air flow, so your home might heat unevenly.

Utilize Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are not just useful during the summer; they can also work to your advantage during the winter. If you run these fans clockwise, they can trap heat inside rooms, which will reduce the workload for your heating system.

Add Moisture to the Air

During the winter, the air inside your home can get very dry, which feels cooler. If you place a humidifier in your living room or bedroom, you can add moisture to the air. Because moist air holds heat better, you can turn down your thermostat a few degrees and not feel any colder. Increasing the humidity in your home can also prevent your skin from getting too dry.

Insulate Your Attic

If your attic is poorly insulated, you should give some serious thought to adding new insulation to it. It is a big investment, but it can help you save more money on your heating bills in the future. If you don't have experience installing attic insulation, you should hire a professional.

As you can see, you do not have to spend a fortune on heating your home this winter. If you follow these helpful tips, lower heating bills are possible. For more advice, contact an HVAC contractor at a company like Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning.